Gifts? Really?

Some days I do the obligatory birthday rounds on Facebook. And I’m always amused that Facebook thinks I should buy these people gifts. If I’m good enough friends with you to buy you a gift, then Facebook is probably not the platform I’m gonna use to tell you to have a good birthday. I’ll probably tell you in person with said gift. Or, minimally, I’ll shoot you a text.

But then I realize that SOMEONE out there must use this option. Otherwise they wouldn’t have it available, right?

Do any of you get mad Facebook gifts on your birthdays? Usually I just get a lot of copied and pasted notes from people I haven’t heard from in 364 days.

The Times They Are A Changin’

It’s really time to get the kids off of their summer schedule. They’ve been sleeping late, which means they’ve been going to bed late. Which means they’ve been impossible to deal with at night.


We’re still heading out of town one more time. So vacation isn’t quite over yet. We’re heading to see my grandmother in Florida for the weekend and then spending the rest of next week at my mom’s house. So, I guess I’ll depend on the pool and beach activity next week to wear them out and get them back on track.

Sadly, this is the first thing I could think of to write today. Clearly it will not be a banner day for me.

There’s Not Six Things To Say This Saturday - Or Maybe There Is

1. I’ve been kinda meh since returning from vacation. I honestly thought it would be better. I had fun and all, but not the magical experience I had hoped for.

2. My kids are on such a fucked up schedule. It’s going to take weeks to undo summer. The little one was such a pill last night and didn’t want to get to bed. And he’ll sleep all day if I let him. Of course, I’m gonna wake his ass up as soon as I’m done typing this.

3. I really dislike using my phone for Tumblr. But not as much as I dislike busting out my laptop.

4. One more trip planned this summer. Heading to visit my 94-year old grandmother outside of Tampa. Full family trip including my mother. She’s gotten us a room at a fancy hotel so the kids can play in their incredible pool. Who am I to complain about free lodging?!?

5. We tried to make frozen drinks last night like we had in Vegas. It was a failure, but only because we gave up too soon. We still drank a lot, so I guess all was not lost.

6. I’ve gotta get back to the gym! Taking the summer off was a terrible idea, even though they stopped the group I was in for the summer. I should have found another group!

It’s Been Awhile

Hey. I haven’t forgotten you. Hoping you haven’t forgotten me.

The rest of this post is going to be a brain dump. I’m apologizing in advance.

- Las Vegas was awesome. I didn’t win shit, but I was completely depressed when the trip was over. That means it was awesome, right?

- Honestly, I thought we’d find a lot more trouble and debauchery there. Getting old sucks. I’m actually disappointed that there was not more craziness.

- Red-eye flights suck.

- Got home just in time to go to a funeral for the daughter of a wife’s co-worker. They’ve had both of their children die. (13 and 25). No one should ever have to bury one child, let alone two. So unfair.

- So… remember how we bought a brand new car right before heading to Vegas? That shit broke down last night. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Brand new. Like, we hadn’t even driven it 100 miles from the dealership new. Like, we hadn’t even put gas in it new. Needless to say, we’re not happy. We’re getting a new car from the dealership. It was something with the electrical system. Not an impressive first week!

- Summer is almost over. Excuse me while I go and get depressed about the end of another summer.

Glad I brought the formalwear to Vegas. You never know when you need to be FAF.

Glad I brought the formalwear to Vegas. You never know when you need to be FAF.

What are you staring at?!?

What are you staring at?!?


It had been 12 years since we’ve been here. I had forgotten how awesome Vegas is. And how expensive it is, too.

Heading downtown tonight to hit “old Vegas”. Should be a blast.

I’m struggling between wanting to gamble and not wanting to lose money. Ha ha ha. I actually learned a lot about Craps yesterday. Never wanted to play it before. Now I’m in. So I’ll probably gamble moderately and drink excessively. That should work, right?



So I Guess I’m Buying A Car Today

I don’t really want to, but this seems like a pretty good deal.

We (let’s be honest - my wife) have (has) been looking for the past month at cars. We set our budget and were looking for a specific model & lightly used. It was a pretty tall order because we didn’t want a very old car or a car with high miles. Plus, the car we were looking for is a pretty popular model.

So, anyway, we haven’t had much luck finding a car. But then my wife noticed that a brand new 2014 in the model we want came down in price big time (they’re clearing out for the 2015 models). The bad news is that it’s still nearly $2000 more than our max budget. The good news is it’s brand new and we avoid any possible issues with having a pre-owned car.

So I guess we’re buying a new car. Even though this is over what we budgeted.

Same thing happened when we were looking for a house last year. We set out with a budget in mind and then ended up in a house that was well-beyond what our “target price” was.

Thankfully the payments will still be a lot less than the daycare payments we had been making (and no longer need to make thanks to Kindergaten).

So I guess I’m buying a new car today. (I figure if I keep saying it I’ll accept it)