It’s Been Awhile

Hey. I haven’t forgotten you. Hoping you haven’t forgotten me.

The rest of this post is going to be a brain dump. I’m apologizing in advance.

- Las Vegas was awesome. I didn’t win shit, but I was completely depressed when the trip was over. That means it was awesome, right?

- Honestly, I thought we’d find a lot more trouble and debauchery there. Getting old sucks. I’m actually disappointed that there was not more craziness.

- Red-eye flights suck.

- Got home just in time to go to a funeral for the daughter of a wife’s co-worker. They’ve had both of their children die. (13 and 25). No one should ever have to bury one child, let alone two. So unfair.

- So… remember how we bought a brand new car right before heading to Vegas? That shit broke down last night. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Brand new. Like, we hadn’t even driven it 100 miles from the dealership new. Like, we hadn’t even put gas in it new. Needless to say, we’re not happy. We’re getting a new car from the dealership. It was something with the electrical system. Not an impressive first week!

- Summer is almost over. Excuse me while I go and get depressed about the end of another summer.

Glad I brought the formalwear to Vegas. You never know when you need to be FAF.

Glad I brought the formalwear to Vegas. You never know when you need to be FAF.

What are you staring at?!?

What are you staring at?!?


It had been 12 years since we’ve been here. I had forgotten how awesome Vegas is. And how expensive it is, too.

Heading downtown tonight to hit “old Vegas”. Should be a blast.

I’m struggling between wanting to gamble and not wanting to lose money. Ha ha ha. I actually learned a lot about Craps yesterday. Never wanted to play it before. Now I’m in. So I’ll probably gamble moderately and drink excessively. That should work, right?



So I Guess I’m Buying A Car Today

I don’t really want to, but this seems like a pretty good deal.

We (let’s be honest - my wife) have (has) been looking for the past month at cars. We set our budget and were looking for a specific model & lightly used. It was a pretty tall order because we didn’t want a very old car or a car with high miles. Plus, the car we were looking for is a pretty popular model.

So, anyway, we haven’t had much luck finding a car. But then my wife noticed that a brand new 2014 in the model we want came down in price big time (they’re clearing out for the 2015 models). The bad news is that it’s still nearly $2000 more than our max budget. The good news is it’s brand new and we avoid any possible issues with having a pre-owned car.

So I guess we’re buying a new car. Even though this is over what we budgeted.

Same thing happened when we were looking for a house last year. We set out with a budget in mind and then ended up in a house that was well-beyond what our “target price” was.

Thankfully the payments will still be a lot less than the daycare payments we had been making (and no longer need to make thanks to Kindergaten).

So I guess I’m buying a new car today. (I figure if I keep saying it I’ll accept it)

Poor Planning

My wife approved of this sleepover with daughter’s friend. But we only have a few beer left in the fridge.

This can’t possibly end well.

Who says Friday nights with Disney Junior can’t be fun?  Me.  That’s who.  The little one is having a ball, though!

Who says Friday nights with Disney Junior can’t be fun? Me. That’s who. The little one is having a ball, though!

Winning On A Friday Night Has Certainly Changed

So my wife has been promising my daughter a shopping trip. My daughter (10) has been saving her money and wanted to go to Justice. Apparently she wants fake glasses because she thinks they make her look smart. (Joke’s on her because my wife had terrible eyes and has had glasses forever! She’ll probably be wearing real glasses before she knows it). So the girls left to shop and picked up daughter’s most energetic friend for the trip and a sleepover.

Who would have thought I’d be winning this evening by staying home and letting my son watch Doc McStuffin?