Even the baseballs are ready for it to be Thursday.

Even the baseballs are ready for it to be Thursday.

Sunday Funday? Nah, Bro. Not Here.

- Happy Easter everyone! I decided to shutdown FB for the day because there was nothing but Easter posts. I needed to mix in some 4/20 references. I knew Tumblr wouldn’t disappoint.

- Today is my son’s 5th birthday. He couldn’t be more excited.

- The in-laws bought him an A-frame swing. Which is awesome - except for the fact that I need to put that shit together. Today, apparently.

- I’ve been so busy the last five days that my head is still spinning. Lack of sleep. 12-15 hour work days. Shitty food options.

- Gotta go raid the Easter baskets before the kids eat all of the good stuff.

Tuesday Truths

- I need glasses. And they’re coming in 7-10 days. I’ll just be blind until then.

- Some of your truths say more about me than any truths I could write. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

- Watching someone you know destroy themselves is so helpless and frustrating. I’m not sure it is ever easy.

- The Phillies’ bullpen is terrible. Absolutely terrible.

That Time You Realized A Night Of Drinking Wasn’t The Best Idea

Yeah, maybe not the best idea to tie one on and then give yourself only six hours to recover before spending the day driving all around the state.

Oh well……gotta pick up daughter from Girl Scout Camp (2.5 hours away) and then meet the in-laws so they can take the kids for their Spring Break (1.5 more hours). Then I have to make it back home.

Time to sober up and suck it up.

Mission Accomplished - Almost

Drinking binge successful.

Let’s see how the next few hours go.

Liquor Before Dinner Means You’re A Winner

Sounds good enough to me.

Friends coming over to drink.

No time to make or eat dinner.

Drinking already started.

No way this can end poorly.

Things I Think About When My Asshole Dogs Wake Me Up Early

- I shouldn’t be mad at the dogs. They’re old and can’t help it. But SLEEP!!!!

- If I make a typo here or on any response I make there’s only a 8% chance I’ll actually be able to see it. I’m trusting autocorrect. That’s pretty damned scary.

- Reading my phone without glasses on is becoming increasingly impossible. This is bullshit. Complete bullshit.

- I’m the only living being in this house that doesn’t snore. How is that even possible?

- By the time I get back to sleep it will be time to wake up. This is also complete bullshit.

- Most of you out there are pretty damned hot/sexy. Wish you could see that for yourselves! Of course, I need glasses. So maybe I should tone down the compliments until I get corrective lenses.

- Nah…..:you’re hot. Don’t doubt it.

Friday Fiver

1.  I always heard from people that you start falling apart at 40.  And I always thought it was bullshit.  Until the past week.  And now I’m like “Fuck you guys for pointing out all my flaws”.   Eye appointment on Monday which will likely result in glasses.  Out of boot camp for a bit because of a severely pulled calf muscle.  (I kept working out figuring I could work through the “tightness” - big mistake)  

2.  Gettin’ old ain’t no joke.

3.  Kids are on Spring Break next week and are completely excited.  They’re spending the week with their grandparents - so we’re completely excited.  

4.  Except my wife wants to finally get around to making up our son’s room.  We’ll surprise him with his theme room when he gets back.  Up until a week ago we were going to make his room a baseball room (like it was in the old house).  But then a week ago I told her that he would like a superhero-themed room a lot more.  And she (reluctantly) agreed.  

Her first question about the new room?   “How can I incorporate Spiderman and Batman?”  (two of his favorites)

 My response?  ”You can’t have it both ways!  Go DC or go Marvel.” 

Ha ha.  Needless to say, both will be represented.  I always have the right solutions.

5.  Started thinking about summer vacation.  If one of my former players makes it to the College World Series, we may end up taking our vacation to Omaha, NE.  I can think of worse ways to spend a week, though the kids would probably prefer Disney & Florida.  Good thing they don’t have final say.

Apparently I’ve Flatlined

At least that’s what the Activity Line says. And one should not argue with that.

It’s been kind of a crazy/stressful time.  Thought some good friends of ours were going to move halfway across the country.  Kind of made me (us) realize that we really don’t have many people around this place to be with.  Definitely sad.  But we’re stuck here now.  And it turns out they’re not going to move, so that’s a good thing!  We will be celebrating Saturday night.

Maybe this will change that Activity Line’s tune on the whole flatlining thing.

Four baseball games in five days is tough.  Tough on me.  Tough on the kids.  Tough on the family.  And, oh yeah, we’re hosting a 16-game tournament next week.  So that shouldn’t take up any time at all.  

So I’m still here.  Just busy.  

Cutting The Internet Off Tonight

My 10-year old daughter just suggested to my mother that she name her new puppy “Doge”.

You guys have infiltrated my inner circle.

It’s all fun and games until the shit hits close to home

Her second suggestion was Chewbacca.